Reporting Simplified

Client Portal software that helps Advisory firms
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Client Portal

A Client Experience Solution for Investment Advisory Firms

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  • Investment Reporting

    A rich, dynamic and visual portal for your clients that brings portfolio and performance data to life. Performance, account values, statements and more are shown in beautiful graphics. All from your existing portfolio management system and fully configurable. Now you can unlock your data with interactive charts and easy to read reports.

  • Document Center

    An integrated document vault for advisors and clients to share files. Load important client documents in bulk, post shared files to everyone and share internal documents privately with advisors. Unlimited storage means you'll never have to worry about running out of space.

  • Digital On-boarding

    Self-registration capabilities for new and prospective clients with a visual workflow to keep them on track during onboarding. Clients can enter their personal profile, establish goals, determine risk tolerance, and download/upload onboarding documents.

Key Highlights

  • Simple, intuitive UX

    We've designed your experience with your client in mind. You'll be providing a solution with a simple to use, yet powerful, interface that all your clients will use and love.

  • Powered from what you already have

    Getting started is a breeze using your existing portfolio accounting system. We support them all and personally walk you through the setup, guide you through your successful rollout and beyond.

  • Optimized for Advisors

    Now advisors see exactly what their clients see. Advisors can conduct client reviews with one-click, publish relevant commentary, evaluate clients’ progress and established goals.

  • Branded and fully mobile

    Your experience should be...yours. Your brand, your colors and available for you & your clients on any device.

  • Under your control

    Never show more than you want to show. You'll always have complete control on what aspects you want to share with clients.

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Contract Management

The solution for contracts, corporate and client documents

Interactive Dashboard
  • Vendor Management

    Easily keep all your vendor data organized in a single place. Search across vendors and services, store critical vendor documents (policies, insurance, due-diligence forms), list important contacts and store notes from a single source of truth.

  • Contract Management

    All your important contracts in one place. We securely store and organize ALL your contracts so you can quickly find what you're looking for. We also automatically setup reminders for key dates and help you organize related tasks. Never miss a renewal again or key date again!

  • Reviews

    Simplify Vendor & Contract Reviews. Easily conduct all security audits, due-diligence, annual vendor and contract reviews within the application. We'll automatically remind you when it's time for an annual review of a vendor or when a contract needs to be approved for a renewal. Historical reviews are available for audit purposes. We'll do the heavy lifting to help you stay compliant.

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